Forex Broker

Forex Broker

Too many forex brokers right now and some have an issue like below:-

  1. Broker is scam
  2. Broker running on Book B
  3. Broker is not licenced under any financial Authority (FCA, NFA, ASIC )
  4. Broker doesn’t have psychical Office
  5. Broker doesn’t have human contact
  6. Broker may have a bankruptcy issue
  7. Broker licence already up for sales
  8. Broker licence already up to lease or JV phrase
  9. Broker using web software that creates by themselves
  10. Broker software has a lot of Bug and set a lot of criteria to cap trader trading limit.
  11. Broker Server too low, too many re-quote
  12. Broker is White-label or grey label.
  13. Broker got withdrawal Issue
  14. Broker got Audit and Account segregation issue.

Of course, they are a few good brokers that can be trusted.



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