Forex Fund Manager Training Program

Forex Fund Manager Training Program

How Fund Manager (FM) get training in the Forex Industry? You think they can study like a bookworm can become a real trader? or just an academic person.

If there is no Full of experience and Profitable Trader come to teach trader, there is no way a forex FM can grow within a short period of time. Many experienced and profitable trader or FM prefer to stay at home and trade their own account.

We provide a Full Fund Manager Training Program for a newbie or trader to grow until he/she can handle a Group account and become a profitable FM.

Forex FM is the best industry to explore because there are too many issues that affect your income and living quality. Likes:

  1. Pollution
  2. Over-population
  3. Hunger
  4. Short of Water and food
  5. Riot
  6. Virus
  7. Earthquake
  8. Less Job only left with a monthly contract worker
  9. Back-stabbing in office
  10. Office Politic
  11. Highly Competitive market on price and replacement products
  12. Less Customer and reduce the purchasing power
  13. Robbery
  14. Racism
  15. Govt Bias on certain race and religion
  16. Financial Pressure
  17. Psychology Pressure – Many starts to have Psycho issue
  18. Relationship Pressure.

Face the real world and you need to think for the next 20 years at least. Don’t ignore it like Ostrich.

We can train a trader and Fund Manager from 10 years old to 60 years for this program. Welcome to ask.



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