Forex Investment Programs

Forex Investment Programs

Many Real Profitable Trader will come out with some forex Investment Program that allows the small investor to start with USD100 and customer will do live tracking using MT4 investor password.

Because this program is different from Forex Account Management. They will involve some Referral commission and run like an MLM system. So everybody can share the Pool profit.

However, a lot of scammer uses this method to attract customer and use a lot of gimmicks to attract client like:

  1. Free Dinner
  2. Free Gift
  3. Huge Referral Commission
  4. Use MLM setup
  5. Use Fake broker
  6. USe someone credential or Photos
  7. Use a big Convention Seminar
  8. Use Luxury Car
  9. Use Fake University Certification
  10. Use Fake / Self Created Title or Big boss Title
  11. Invite Politician to come for Open Ceremony and convention
  12. Having Big convention in 5 Start Hotel
  13. Invite a lot of Prospect with Load of Buses
  14. Put up a very Professional Video
  15. Never show the real Fund Management Team and Real trading result


Welcome, all kind of joint ventures and co-operation in any form, advertiser as well..


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