Forex Signal

Forex Signal

Forex signal service is to provide the signal to the client via WhatsApp or email.

Mostly it is an Indicator automated program, a “professional” trader may generate trading signals (for a fee, of course) for clients to act upon, But it is very seldom.

However, you may be paying for a signal in which you do not know the causes and how the “Indicators” came up with it.

You have no idea what the basis for the trade is, just that the “Indicators” is telling you that it’s a good time to buy or sell.

In the end, you are relying on the analysis of a “third-party” source that is NOT your own.

In a typical forex signal service, the programmer creates a set of technical indicators and rules and the program runs to those specifications.

If the price satisfies the conditions of the signal service, then some kind of notification or alert via email or text message will be sent to the user to react.

It is ultimately up to the user to decide whether or not to take the signal and trade it.

By end of the day, most forex signal is a scam because all the call they don’t put into MT4 live account and give you demo account investor password.



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