Forex Account Management Result 1 day make 80 percents

Forex Account Management Result 1 day make 80 percents

A lot of people think Forex (Currency Trading) is a scam and many people use forex to set up an investment project and let the public invest in it. It is absolutely true and many people fall into this kind of trap all the time because of their greediness and no idea how is the proper forex investment.

The true forex investment setup is:

  1. Open a personal forex account (in your name) in licence broker
  2. Using MT4 as the platform
  3. Invest like USD1000 to start with
  4. Get the contact of the licenced broker account manager (Customer Service)
  5. Appoint the Fund manager (FM) (Money Manager) by signing LPOA (Letter Power of Attorney).
  6. Email the trading password to FM and ask FM to change the Password.
  7. Monitor the trading using Investor Password
  8. Check every few days or weekly.
  9. Withdraw the Profit amount every month
  10. Stay with this FM if the floating loss is below 50%.
  11. Once your confidence is losing with the current Fm, ask FM to close all floating orders.
  12. Reset the trading password from broker web login
  13. Withdraw the full amount and find another FM.
  14. Must see the FM live account at least for 3 months as a rule of thumb before invest.
  15. If you see the result from publishing websites like etoro or myfxbook or mql5, then you need to monitor for 6 months for the FM consistency, Profitability, risk management and product concentration.
  16. It is better to diversify your investment amount to 3 to 4 FM to do risk balancing and Diversification.


Below is one of our Fund Manager (Malaysian base in Hong Kong) with such a very good performance (1 day make 80%). our monthly target is about 25% per month.

Welcome anyone to contact us to participate in our Forex Account Management Program (FAM).



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