Services to Forex Broker

Services to Forex Broker

Many Forex brokers running in no direction, no strong business fundamental and staffs are not well trained.

Many Forex brokers engage people from non-financial industry and most are not a trader. As such. a lot of Industry in and out cannot be handled by company front liner. The result is many forex brokers running at loss and finally closed up.

There are about 100 forex brokers closed down in 2019 and they not willing to engage a team of external advisors to give training, guidance and hand-on to internal staffs.

We provide:

  1. Independent In house Trainer
  2. Independent Speaker
  3. Recovery of Forex broker from collapsing.
  4. Tele-Marketing Training and Outsourcing,
  5. Advisory to Forex broker at Working Structure and Communication
  6. Training to Forex Broker’s Staffs on Customer Service, Product Knowledge and Sales and Marketing Strategy.
  7. Training broker to run in Effectiveness and Efficiency Manner.

Welcome, all kind of joint ventures and co-operation in any form, advertiser as well.


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