Setup New Forex Broker

Setup New Forex Broker

I lot of businessman or Trader like to set up a new Forex broker with a licence from onshore/offshore financial licence. We can help as well.

Or can set up a White Label or Grey Label Broker.

Or Lease From licence from the Licence Owner

Or Joint Venture with current Forex broker where they also prepare to close down.

Many forex brokers now having problem of cash flow and they use customer money from segregation account for their survival. That is the reasons why Forex Broker never / will not do a monthly audit on segregation and publish to the world.

That is why Many brokers cannot pay back to you while you doing withdrawal. They use a lot of reasons and gimmick from paying back to you.

However, many scams in this kind of deals.



Welcome, all kind of joint ventures and co-operation in any form, advertiser as well..


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